Griffo, a matter of character


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Exhibition by the students of the ISIA Institute of Urbino.

The show, planned and produced by the students of the ISIA Institute of Urbino, presents the life of Francesco Griffo and his work through eight illustrated panels. The exhibition of books with characters by Griffo and graphic posters that were made upon request by graphic designers and by the ISIA students is integrated by a Web site that shows by means of an infographic system the relations of Griffo with other printers in the towns where he worked during his career.

In collaboration with ISIA Urbino e Riccardo Olocco


griffo-isia-mostra5 griffo-isia-mostra3 griffo-isia-mostra   griffo-isia-mostra7


Interactive web site about Griffo’s life (prototype)


Poster by Anonima Impressori